Saturday, 30 June 2007

Photographic Happy Memories

Fellow Blogggers!

It would be lovely if we could get some more photos on this blog. If you have some digitised photos of yourself and Fr Richard then please email them to

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Friday, 29 June 2007

Update on Fr Richard (2)

29th June 2007

Just to let you know that Richard has been home now for just over 24 hours and is doing brilliantly.

He has been out for a little walk in his garden which is currently being made even lovelier by his devoted parishioners.He continues to marvel at the prayers and goodwishes he has received and is looking forward to his anniversary of ordination tomorrow.

With every good wish, Helen and Mike Whitty

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Update on Fr Richard


Richard is still in hospital and has made some small-stepped progress this week, relative to the serious nature of his current condition. There are signs, post operatively, that the bowel may be slowly beginning to activate again, but this is not yet confirmed. He has been on liquids only now for 10 days, during which time he has had several periods of nausea and discomfort but in terms of pain, this is well controlled. He is not currently on morphine any more at this stage.

He has started to become mobile, and is now becoming independent in his mobility, albeit he is very slow and fragile.


Richard has good days and bad days and ups and downs in the course of each day but generally he is good and very acceptant of his condition. He is finding being in hospital increasingly difficult and though he has started to have some visitors, he can only manage very short visits and is exhausted by any interaction of more than 5 minutes. He still has a sense of humour and continually considers others.


As you would expect, he is very strong and prepared for anything that might come. He has great faith.

His wishes

In the short term he would really like to get out of hospital to spend whatever time he has in familiar surroundings. He does not want to go to a hospice at this stage, and preferably not at all if this can be avoided. The surgeons have said that if they can get his bowel to work again within the next few days, then this could be a good sign and he might have a period of some quality time. This is their hope, Richard’s, and I am sure everyone who knows and loves him.

Mike and I are in discussion with the Paliative Care Team over arrangements for his care should he be able to come home shortly. We will be caring for him, initially at Chew Magna, with their support. This is what Richard has asked for rather than a hospice or nursing home and we will try to achieve this for him if we are able to do so with the increasing support of nursing staff and friends.

Keeping friends updated

Unfortunately, all this has happened very hurriedly and without a great deal of preparation so we have not been able to keep you all informed as well as we would have liked and it would have been great to have had a cascade system to keep you updated. As I am sure you will understand, managing all the hundreds of close friends Richard has all over the world who are anxious for news is a great task in itself and so we will have to give some thought as to how we will manage all this, and the enquiries when he gets home. The last thing we want is for the phone to be ringing all day long and yet we do know that there are a great many people who love Richard and really need the security of knowing how he is.

Nicola Haigh, a friend of Richard’s and parishioner has very kindly been helping to manage the email side of this so we may have to set up a website or something, but we will keep you posted.

Should any of you want to visit, please could you email

With every good wish,
Helen and Mike Whitty